Exposure Trip

Every year, Anakbayan USA sends its members to the motherland to integrate with the youth, workers, women, peasants, indigenous people and other sectors and their struggles. Meet our 2016 exposurists:

Anakbayan East Bay and League of Filipino Student San Francisco State University


Mabuhay! We are Chelsea Carl, Tobin Galang, and Roberta Ryan, representing Anakbayan East Bay and the League of Filipino Students SFSU, and this summer, we are going to the Philippines on an international solidarity mission and exposure trip with 12 other members of Anakbayan-USA to learn from the mass struggle for liberation in our homeland.

We will visit indigenous communities and schools in the Southern Philippines being displaced from their ancestral lands, attend the International Conference on Peoples Rights in the Philippines in Davao City, and integrate with urban poor workers, peasants, and youth & students. As we build relationships and learn from the communities most exploited and deeply impacted by drought, hunger, climate change, displacement, militarization, and grave human rights violations, we are firmly committed to bringing our experiences, insights, and messages of solidarity back to the U.S. upon our return.

Please consider supporting us in our trip, as we build a lifelong commitment to serving the oppressed masses in the Philippines and around the world. Any amount is greatly helpful and deeply appreciated! Donate here!

Anakbayan Los Angeles

Dugang Kadasig!

We are Annalou and Andrew, and this summer, we will be learning the social, political, and economic realities of the Philippines by integrating with communities organizing to improve their lives and addressing the root causes of their basic problems. We will integrate with many different sectors of Philippines society including: urban poor, workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, women, and youth and students.

Exposure trips seek to deepen an individual’s understanding of the struggle of the Filipino people, and strengthen one’s commitment to serve the national democratic movement through active membership into mass organizations of Anakbayan-USA.

Also we will be attending the International Solidarity Mission, 2nd General Assembly, and International Conference for People’s Rights in the Philippines (ICPRP) hosted by the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP), Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao (InPeace), KARAPATAN Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights, and Ecumenical Voice for Human Rights and Peace (EcuVoice). The ICPRP builds on the gains of the 2013 ICHRPP which raised discourse on peoples’ rights and strengthened efforts to forge international solidarity, not only for the Filipino people, but also for all struggling peoples of the world. Please support us by donating here!

Anakbayan New Jersey


Warm and militant greetings from Ana, Christiaan and Ruthie!

We are getting close to our much anticipated Summer Exposure trip to the Philippines! We have been preparing since February learning about the conditions of the most oppressed people such as peasants, workers, women, Moro and indigenous people. Now we have the opportunity to directly experience and build ties with those very same people who are resisting human rights violations in order to transform Philippine society. This is also a significant time because we will join an international solidarity conference to document and strategize around addressing human rights abuses through the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines.

This will be a 38 day trip that aims to expose and immerse us to the social realities of Philippine society. We will take part in educational discussions, trainings, and immersion facilitated by people’s organizations who have been supporting these communities for a very long time. The program does not only allow us to learn about the real conditions and history of the Philippines but also enables us to become active participants in affecting social change.

This trip is one of the most important facets of our developments as activists in the U.S. because it is a time where we engage first hand in the struggle towards achieving genuine justice and sovereignty in the Philippines and bring back to our work in New Jersey. We are committed to sharing the stories we witness in concrete ways through report backs, art pieces and other cultural media, and continuing advocacy for our local community.  Your help will go a long way so please donate here!

Anakbayan Chicago

Anakbayan Seattle