The National U.S. Chapter of Filipino Youth & Students for National Democracy in the Philippines


Anakbayan is the comprehensive national democratic mass organization of Filipino youth and students in the U.S.


There are local Anakbayan chapters in Seattle, PortlandEast Bay, Silicon Valley, Santa CruzLos Angeles, Long Beach, Inland EmpireSan Diego, New Jersey, New York, Chicago and the League of Filipino Students at San Fransisco State University.

Established on the 30th of November 1998–the anniversary of Andres’ Bonifacio and pre-Martial Law organization, Kabataang Makabayan–it seeks to unite the youths from different sectors of society to advance the cause of national democracy: workers, peasants, fisherfolk, urban poor, students, out-of-school youth, women, professionals, migrants, Moros, Christians, etc.
Anakbayan holds the belief that Philippine society today is not truly free nor democratic. It is under the control of U.S imperialism, along with local landlords, big capitalists, and corrupt gov’t officials. The National Democratic Struggle seeks to realize true national liberation for the country and the realization of the democratic rights of the people.


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Take Back our Education: People First, Not Profit and War

After decades of rampant privatization in the form of rising tuition and student loan debt, it is now time to take back our education!



Datu Puti. Silver Swan. Mang Tomas. UFC Banana Ketchup. What do these have in common? They’re all brands of NutriAsia, a company that violently suppresses its workers.




Free the Mabinay 6

Myles Albasin, a former Anakbayan member at UP Cebu, and 5 others have been illegally arrested on trumped up charges, all for choosing to learn the plight of peasants in the countryside.







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All Anakbayan chapters always welcome new members that meet the following criteria: 1) are between the ages of 13-35 and 2) agree to the general principles of Anakbayan. To learn more about joining Anakbayan, you may contact the local chapter nearest you from this list, or simply fill out this form!


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Please support the nationwide community organizing work of Anakbayan-USA to address the issues Filipinos face in the US and advance the cause for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines.  Your donations will help to support the daily operations of the national organization and help to strengthen national coordination amongst the local chapters in launching campaigns and expanding organizing work.